At QMAG, our responsible magnesite mining operations, processes and systems are the product of more than 30 years of constant improvements and evolution. We work tirelessly  to ensure we can deliver premium-quality and competitively priced magnesia products to customers around the world.

We embrace responsible mining

QMAG utilises the open-pit mining method to extract magnesite without involving underground mining, explosives or blasting. We operate in a mining-friendly location, with the support of both the state of Queensland as well as the federal government. Over our three decades of operation, we have forged positive relationships with the local community. Rehabilitation is a strong focus of our operation. We embrace sustainable mining practices and consistently ensure all land is returned to its pre-mined condition once excavation work has been completed. Our rehabilitation and environment teams work hard to ensure that our land will be suitable for grazing once mining is completed.

Producing 365 days a year

A reliable supply of gas, electricity and water, plus convenient road, rail and air links all combine to facilitate QMAG’s magnesite mining operations and subsequent magnesia production. Our operation runs 365 days a year, ensuring consistent production, supply and export of our range of products. In addition, an ISO:9001:2015 Quality Management Certification and FEMAS accreditation ensure we deliver premium-quality products every single time.

Powered by a capable workforce

At QMAG, we value our highly qualified local workforce for the vital role they play in magnesite mining, magnesia production, supply chain management, logistics support, R&D, quality management and everything in between. We are committed to keeping everyone safe while on the job with a strong focus on Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S). The precautions taken to safeguard against COVID-19 meant we were able to maintain safe operation and continue producing our premium-quality magnesia products throughout the pandemic. We also acknowledge the importance of employee wellbeing by promoting equal opportunities and providing safe working conditions.

Handled by people we trust

In support of our magnesite mining operations and magnesia production, our in-house teams manage the entire domestic and export supply chain process. We use several land and sea freight carriers to supply customers with premium-quality QMAG products. We know that QMAG products form a key part of our customers’ supply chain. We help keep that supply chain strong and mitigate risk by maintaining extensive warehousing facilities. The primary warehousing facility is on-site at Parkhurst, supported by a facility at the major Australian seaports of Gladstone and Brisbane, as well as key international locations.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain begins at our Kunwarara site where magnesite ore is extracted using open-pit mining. Following screening and beneficiation, the ore is transferred to our Parkhurst facility where it is processed into premium-quality electrofused, deadburned and caustic calcined magnesia. After being loaded onto trucks, rail wagons and bulk shipping containers, the finished product is finally taken to our strategic warehouses for onward transportation to meet domestic and international customer orders.

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