Logistics and Sales

QMAG is a leading global supplier of caustic calcined, deadburned and electrofused magnesia products. We ship our products to customers in the refractory, chemical, agricultural, environmental and hydrometallurgical sectors.

Our four strategic locations in Queensland and an agile supply chain allow us to arrange delivery of magnesia products to any location in the world.

From Australia to anywhere

To support your operations, our logistics experts can arrange. QMAG magnesia products to be delivered to wherever you are from our headquarters in Queensland, Australia.

Talk to us – we’ll be happy to advise.

Commitment to customers

At the centre of everything we do are our customers, and the solutions created are tailored to their requirements and can include developing new product. We maintain our high-quality and reliability of our existing products, and ensure we offer reliable supply chain solutions. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations and are committed to outstanding customer service.

We are committed to making a sustainable difference in our customer relationships by improving the value of integrating our products into customer processes. Based on the reciprocal trust and equity principle, we endeavour to build strong customer relationships that deliver long-term and mutually beneficial outcomes.

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