Congratulations Hayley Butler!

Hayley started at QMAG, as the Kunwarara site cleaner, in January 2023, keeping the mine site clean and learning about other employee roles.

As of early 2024, Hayley moved into the role of Administration Officer, based at Kunwarara.

Prior to her QMAG career, Hayley worked as a Barista, at a café in Rockhampton for 12 years, where she learned many skills - not just the art of making coffee.

Part 2 of the shaft kiln ignition ceremony post

and more pictures of Tim, Richy, Adam and the rest of the QMag team:

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We lit up our Shaft Kiln No. 3

Our QMAG production team in Parkhurst / Queensland lit up our Shaft Kiln No. 3 for Deadburned Magnesia production after a scheduled shutdown for maintenance and repairs.

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CCM for the agricultural market

For decades, QMAG has been committed to producing consistent and reliable high-quality magnesite and CCM products for the Agricultural market.

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