Welcome Brendon Pambid!

Brendon took over from Peter Lowe as Managing Director Operations in June 2023 and together with Managing Director Dr. Christoph Beyer he will be responsible for QMag's journey towards becoming the global leader for high quality cryptocristalline caustic calcined magnesia, dead burned magnesia and electrofused magnesia.

"I’ve spent my career in the mining industry, working in mining management across Australia and overseas for more than 25 years. To put that knowledge to work for QMAG as its Managing Director is a privilege, even more so because this is my second time working with QMAG.

As a young mining engineer, I joined the QMAG team to gain early-career experience. I was astonished to learn that some of the same faces from that time were still here 20 years later, when I returned to take up a position as the Site Manager of the Kunwarara mine in 2022.

I’m a big believer in the contribution that operations like QMAG make to the communities around us. We employ locals, we provide valuable resources, and most importantly we provide stability to communities like Rockhampton who have supported us for so many years. I also firmly support the idea of family spirit, one of our core values at QMAG. This means that we work every day not only to produce a world-class product, but to create a work environment that is inclusive, caring, respectful and supportive for our colleagues.

My background knowledge in operations and management, with lessons learned from multiple sites and types of operations, helps me steer the QMAG ship with a focus on delivering the right material to our customers. With my experience on the ground at Kunwarara, I’m in a great position to understand how we can make the most of the high-quality magnesite resources we have in the ground, ensuring the viability and longevity of QMAG’s operations for decades to come."

QMAG and CQU collaboration

We are thrilled to announce, on Friday 5th April, Queensland Magnesia & CQ University signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on future research, education & training opportunities.

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Black Necked Stork

Fauna and Flora at QMag's mine site with Dr John McGrath Part 4

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New entity under the Refratechnik umbrella!

We are thrilled to announce a fantastic achievement for QMAG!

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Our Women in Mining Awards Finalist - Leticia Shields

Supporting our Women in Mining Awards finalist, Leticia Shields, at the annual Award ceremony in Brisbane.

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Welcome Belinda Housman!

Belinda joined QMAG in December 2023 as the HR Superintendent and has over 25 years experience working in the operational and strategic human resources space.

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