Shipping Partner Visit - ANL

Read what QMag's Head of Supply Chain and Logistics Mark Christmas experienced during our recent trip to Japan, where we visited and overall of 15 customers and partners:


"I was fortunate to have a ship tour in Kobe port, Japan organised by our great shipping partner ANL (CMA CGM). During the tour I witnessed containers that were packed at our Parkhurst facility being offloaded from the CNC Lion after a journey of 4200 nautical miles, or approximately 7700 kilometres. It was great to see the process of offloading and reloading of 400 to 500 containers within 24 hours.

I was reminded of how little room there is between containers when loaded and how bulged containers can impact vessel packing and cause delays while they reposition the bulged container. I also learned that the ships crew can spend up to four months away from family sailing the world. Certainly a group of dedicated people committed to keeping the world moving. I found out that there are no lifts in ships of this type, and to get to the bridge I walked up 8 stories (16 flights of stairs) to see the full ship and ongoing operations. What a sight indeed.

A great experience with lots of learnings."

QMAG and CQU collaboration

We are thrilled to announce, on Friday 5th April, Queensland Magnesia & CQ University signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on future research, education & training opportunities.

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Black Necked Stork

Fauna and Flora at QMag's mine site with Dr John McGrath Part 4

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New entity under the Refratechnik umbrella!

We are thrilled to announce a fantastic achievement for QMAG!

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Our Women in Mining Awards Finalist - Leticia Shields

Supporting our Women in Mining Awards finalist, Leticia Shields, at the annual Award ceremony in Brisbane.

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Welcome Belinda Housman!

Belinda joined QMAG in December 2023 as the HR Superintendent and has over 25 years experience working in the operational and strategic human resources space.

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