Eastern Grey Kangaroos

Fauna and Flora at QMag's mine site with Dr John McGrath Part 3:  Eastern grey kangaroos

Synonymous with the bush in Eastern Australia, eastern grey kangaroos abound in tropical grasslands and open woodland including QMAG’s Kunwarara mine site.

The joeys (juveniles) are sometimes like young humans – they hang around Mum for what feels like a very long time. At some point they get far too big for the pouch like this older joey, and Mum will refuse to let them in.

Kangaroos have adapted to the long dry and occasional wet cycles of Australia’s climate by having the ability to pause the development of foetus in dry times and breed prolifically when conditions are favourable.

QMAG and CQU collaboration

We are thrilled to announce, on Friday 5th April, Queensland Magnesia & CQ University signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on future research, education & training opportunities.

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Black Necked Stork

Fauna and Flora at QMag's mine site with Dr John McGrath Part 4

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New entity under the Refratechnik umbrella!

We are thrilled to announce a fantastic achievement for QMAG!

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Our Women in Mining Awards Finalist - Leticia Shields

Supporting our Women in Mining Awards finalist, Leticia Shields, at the annual Award ceremony in Brisbane.

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Welcome Belinda Housman!

Belinda joined QMAG in December 2023 as the HR Superintendent and has over 25 years experience working in the operational and strategic human resources space.

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