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Where we operate

QMAG operators has operations in three locations within Central Queensland region - our Kunwarara and Yaamba mine sites, and our Parkhurst production facility in Rockhampton.

Kunwarara and Yaamba

Our Kunwarara and neighbouring Yaamba sites amount to one of the world’s largest deposits of cryptocrystalline magnesite (magnesium carbonate [MgCO3]) and are where QMAG’s selective mining, pre-concentration and beneficiation operations take place.

The Kunwarara mine yields around over 2.0 million tonnes of ore per year. Following on-site screening and washing, the requisite tonnage of high quality ore is then sent to the Parkhurst plant for processing.


Our nearby Parkhurst plant receives the pre-graded magnesite ore, which is further processed into various magnesia products. From there, our products are transported in heavy vehicles, trains, and shipping containers in many forms like bulk in containers, palletised valve sacks and bulk bags, where we service our Australian and global customers through the local Gladstone port or the Port of Brisbane.


QMAG warehouses are strategically located and integral to our logistics solutions. They store our magnesite ore, manage our import, and export activities and provide access to an efficient shipping program moving QMAG’s premium-quality magnesia products to our customers in Australia and worldwide efficiently and effectively.

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