Warehousing and logistics

Our experienced and professional logistics team takes care of all activities involved in delivering our products to our customers in a safe and timely manner.

Logistics covers many activities, including import shipments, moving raw materials within our mine network, transferring products to our processing plant and warehouses as well as, finally, shipping to domestic and international customers.

We arrange the transport of the freshly mined magnesite from various mine sites, including Yaamba and pits within Kunwarara, to our beneficiation plant at KG1. Once washed and sized, we truck to our processing plant in Parkhurst, some 65 kms south, using a fleet of heavy vehicles operating six days a week, with five of those days operating around the clock.

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Once processing is completed at Parkhurst, the products are in differing forms, from bulk goods to palletised valve sacks and bulk bags. We transport these to various warehouses by road or rail using trusted partners, ensuring the best care of our products. QMAG operates four strategic warehouses – three in Australia, at Parkhurst, Gladstone and the Port of Brisbane, and one warehouse and processing plant in Kobe, Japan.

Parkhurst services our domestic market and our bulk in-container export shipments, with Gladstone and the Port of Brisbane primarily used to export to our international customers by bulk ship and in 20' containers. Our Japan facility further processes bulk materials and delivers to our Japanese customers.

Each day our logistics team coordinates all these movements – heavy vehicles, rail, container collection and packing as well as bulk ship loading – to deliver QMAG’s products safely and promptly to your door.


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