Quality control and R&D

Keeping QMAG competitive, relevant and at the forefront of our industry is our focus in quality control and R&D. We have a reputation for commitment to quality, research and innovation at every stage of the production process. From magnesite exploration drill analysis, all the way to final product testing, QMAG utilises state of the art testing equipment combined with the use of internationally recognised standards (ISO, EN, ASTM) and internally developed testing methods.

Alt Seo

Our Parkhurst processing plant laboratory contains high-grade equipment to ensure we supply the highest quality materials. We test all products, both in-progress and finalised, for chemical properties using fused glass bead XRF analysis. QMAG’s modern XRF analysers are independently calibrated and then checked for accuracy and consistency daily. We also use other critical test methods, like specific surface area, acid reactivity as well as sieve and laser particle size analysis. We analyse every batch of deadburned and electrofused magnesia for grain bulk density and periclase crystal size.

QMAG’s laboratories operate 365 days per year and analyse around 18,000 individual samples annually. This constant focus on quality control ensures that we supply the highest-quality and most consistent products to our customers.

QMAG’s R&D department is both inwardly and outwardly focused. It supports internal process development projects just as much as customer focused product development. QMAG continually works with customers to develop new products and improve application knowledge with existing materials. As we continually improve the products we offer, we help our customers to achieve ongoing optimised performance and efficiency.


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