Our Purpose

QMAG is a leading global supplier of magnesite (magnesium carbonate [MgCO3]) as well as calcined, deadburned and electrofused magnesia (magnesium oxide [MgO]) products to the refractory, chemical, agricultural, environmental, paper and pulp and hydrometallurgical sectors.

However, at QMAG we believe we are much more than that. As a team of innovators, we create solutions that make a sustainable difference. The family spirit at QMAG fosters a supportive environment that allows all our employees to be sustainable thinkers and actors. With the help of the management and leadership team as well as our leading technology, we can deliver the solutions our customers need.

The sustainable difference QMAG aims to make is reflected in our business, the way we work and the workplace environment, which will continue to grow and evolve into the future. Our team is dedicated to creating this sustainable difference, working towards transforming our processes and solving problems in order to achieve our purpose.

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