Exploration and geology

QMAG’s Kunwarara and Yaamba magnesite deposits extend for around 30 km and are one of the world’s largest deposits of cryptocrystalline magnesite. The Kunwarara mine produces around 2.5 million tonnes of ore annually. We screen and wash the ore on site, then send around 400,000 tonnes of higher quality ore to the Parkhurst plant to be processed into quality magnesia products. We mine selectively across the site to achieve the perfect blends.

Alt Seo

The Kunwarara magnesite deposit was discovered in late 1985. Over several years, geologists mapped out the broad location of the ‘mag seam’, i.e. the magnesite-containing layer beneath the surface, using broad-spaced drilling.

Once the Mineral Development Licence was obtained, substantial infill drilling began. This was to ‘fill in the blanks’ of the broad-spaced drilling to assess what was truly below the surface. This process still happens today as we continue infill drilling for detailed mapping of all ore.

Today, our geologists work with management to assess the reserves and find newer areas to mine with the aim of meeting our mining schedule. Geologists also research what ore types will be needed in the future and explore within existing mining lease areas as well as in new ones.


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