Drilling and sampling

Drilling and sampling are critical to the mining process as they give us the data to plan, predict outcomes and assess future product availability. The mining schedule is an essential part of driving this process forward. All Kunwarara drilling campaigns are designed to meet the specifications of the mining schedule and keep the project on track.

As we identify the right quality ore, we progressively close the drill spacing, survey the drill locations as well as collect and process samples.

Alt Seo

At QMAG, we utilise a semi-metallurgical process. This mimics the output of the Kunwarara plant for each ore sample so we can predict mining outcomes. We load this data into a drilling database, giving us the power to estimate the grade and yield of ore in the area using geological modelling.

Next, our engineers and geologists take the modelled grade and yield information to design pits and ore blocks that will eventually be processed in the beneficiation plant.

All of this information is fed back into the mining schedule to ensure we can mine the required quantity and quality of ore to achieve our mining targets. This feedback loop continues throughout the mining process to allow adjustments and predictions for the project.


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