What we do

QMAG’s operational activities can be divided into two main stages.

Stage One – Mining

Stage one involves magnesite mining, pre-screening and beneficiation at the Kunwarara and neighbouring Yaamba sites. These deposits are mined section by section, and as soon as mining activities are over, environmental rehabilitation begins.

Stage Two – Processing

Once the magnesite has been trucked to the Parkhurst plant, stage two then includes various processes such as calcination, deadburning and electrofusion to turn it into caustic calcined magnesia (CCM), high-grade caustic calcined magnesia (HGCCM), deadburned magnesia (DBM) and electrofused magnesia (EFM). Lastly, these finished products are shipped to customers in numerous industries all over the world.

The full process – From our ore to your door

When the ore that QMAG extracts at our Kunwarara and Yaamba deposits reaches your door in the form of premium-quality magnesia products, it has been on quite a journey.

The itinerary begins with exploration and geology, drilling and sampling, mine planning and water management, all before we mine anything. Next, we begin mining with pit development and operations, followed by in-pit screening and mineral processing at Kunwarara.

Once the ore is trucked to the Parkhurst plant, it goes through stockpiling, reclaiming, blending, grinding, pyro-processing and briquetting activities to produce QMAG’s final magnesia products. Along the way, our teams continually implement quality control and R&D. From Parkhurst, we oversee warehousing and logistics operations to ship our high-quality products to your door.

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