Our Purpose and Values

At QMAG, our purpose and values have not only shaped the company’s development into a technology leader, but continue to influence the way we evolve into the future.

With a focus on innovation and quality, our people create sustainable solutions that make all the difference to our customers. They do so within a corporate culture marked by a strong family spirit alongside excellence in management and leadership.

We create solutions to make a sustainable difference

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Our Values

Family spirit

QMAG’s family spirit is at the centre of our inclusive, caring and respectful culture, which lets us foster a supportive environment for all employees. Family spirit is key at QMAG because it means the company and all our employees value diversity and actively look out for one another’s wellbeing. This, in turn, strengthens the trust our employees have in themselves, co-workers and the company as a whole. QMAG’s family spirit provides our employees with a solid fundament on which to create solutions that make a sustainable difference.

Technology leaders

QMAG places great value on being a technology leader because it enables us to provide our customers with premium-quality products and services consistently. A corporate culture fostering innovation, curiosity and collaboration impacts how our people behave. Therefore, we encourage creative and visionary mindsets, exploration of new opportunities and collaboration among co-workers and other market players. Being a technology leader gives us the technological edge to create sustainable solutions that make a cutting-edge difference.

Sustainable thinkers and actors

The value that we place on sustainable thinking and actions goes to ensure we have a long-lasting and positive impact on our environment, processes, working arrangements and business. The principle of sustainability is an essential element of our cultural DNA and finds expression in a focus on entrepreneurship, commitment to the future and integrity. Being a company powered by people who value sustainability in thought and action gives us the expertise and brainpower to deliver solutions that make a sustainable difference.

Excellence in management and leadership

Excellence in management and leadership is another example of our fundamental values and provides strong guidance for our success. The leaders and influencers we engage, our corporate integrity and accountability, and visionaries on a quest for continual improvement are all examples of how this value is reflected in our corporate culture.

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